See what our happy homeowners are saying about our property management services.

Sydney Ritchie with Captain Cook and Associates(our former name) has been doing property management for our condo since 2005. We have always been pleased with the service and communication with her. We can’t thank Sydney enough for taking great care of our property and ensuring that it is an enjoyable home away from home for us and for visitors. With Captain Cook and Associates, we are comfortable that quality tenants are in our condo and that everything is taken care of. They are professional, prompt, and a pleasure to deal with.
— The Chows
Thank you for taking care of our condo and renting it to a reliable and qualified renter. Sharon and I really appreciate your hard work. Thanks again.
— Ken Ohara
Joy Motoyasu is our property manager... She truly is a “Joy” to work with!
— Suchi B.
I wanted to take a moment and say thank you very much for putting Joy to work on my property. I recently had a contractor come out to work on my property to replace some cabinets, a kitchen counter, and a new dishwasher. Since he was coming from the mainland and wasn’t familar with the area, he needed all the help he could get. From the begininng of the entire process, Joy was there to help above and beyond what I expected from anyone. She met him at the airport, brought him keys, provided some materials and contact information. Throughout his time there, my contractor kept saying that she was incredibly helpful and the rennovations went off extremely well. This has been the case every time that I had an issue with my apartment: Joy is always on top of it providing valuable advice and timely information. I work full-time and attend law school at night so I am immensely busy. I can’t begin to tell you how well I sleep at night knowing that Joy is taking care of my property and taking care of my tenants. I don’t have the biggest property in the world and I know it probably isn’t the biggest paycheck, but Joy makes me feel like I am her most valuable customer and it really is an honor to work with her. I wanted to say thank you for putting her in charge of my property. As far as I am concerned, she is the gold standard for what I would ever want to have in a property manager. I hope that the rest of your clients get to experience the care and attention to detail that Joy maintains because it really makes owning a property and renting it to tenants a great experience. Again, thank you so much for Joy and the work that she does. I appreciate her effort and dedication and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again, Sincerely,
— Paul Tyson
I have had great experiences with my property manager: Sydney Ritchie at Captain Cook Associates. Over the years I have come to think of her as a friend and business partner. The company is honest, professional and has updated state of the art financial reporting. They are timely in sending me my statements and checks. Sydney has been great at getting my apartments rented to responsible, reliable tenants. Sydney has found excellent workers to do repairs and updates. Her goal is to please the clients. I highly recommend Sydney Ritchie and Captain Cook Associates.
— Janet Brennan
Hi Sydney,

I have to say that it is a breath of fresh air dealing with you and your property management company. The cleaners that you have working for you are excellent and the tenants that you found were golden - thank you!
— Dustin