Reasons for Hiring a Property Manager

Whether you have never managed a property or currently manage a property, here are a few reasons most people hire us to manage their property. 

  1. Time - People tend to underestimate the amount of time it takes to manage a property from getting it rent ready such as painting and minor/major repairs to marketing to signing a lease and collecting rent. 
  2. Stress - Being a property manager can be stressful especially if there is an emergency such as water leaking into/from the property. You never get a day off, hopefully your tenant's oven doesn't break on Thanksgiving because neither of you will be enjoying a turkey dinner. Also, dealing with neighbors, insurance agents, contractors,
  3.  Laws and Regulations - Are you aware of all the laws and regulations in the landlord tenant code? Are you handling security deposits properly? Do you understand the Fair Housing Laws? Are you prepared to pay costly legal fees if there is a dispute?